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Galaxy CB Radio DX929

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Galaxy 919

How your CB radio or 10-meter radio can serve you

  1. Your radio can warn of traffic tie-ups.
  2. It can provide weather and road information.
  3. Your radio can provide help fast in event of emergency or breakdown.
  4. You can get suggestions for good spots to eat and sleep.
  5. It makes long trips more interesting, and helps keep you awake.
  6. Your radio can provide direct contact with your office or home.
  7. You can communicate with other radio operators.
  8. It can provide "local information" to find your destination.
  9. You can help law enforcement officers by reporting drunk and reckless drivers.
  10. Your CB or 10-meter radio provides alternate means of communications, while not relying on external infrastructure. (eg. cell towers, power grid)

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