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Mod V+ conversion


1. Remove yellow 2200K cap of oscillator board from the variable pot. (see step 9)
2. Remove red wire of oscillator board and attached 33 ohm resistor
3. Remove green wire of oscillator board and attached 33pf cap
4. Solder the leg of the 15 or 18-pf cap to input trace on PCB
5. Remove black wire of oscillator board from keying jack
6. Remove oscillator board
7. Remove 180 or 190 pf cap located next to 230 pf cap at rear of board
8. Remove small jumper from variable pot
9. Solder one end of that jumper to where the cap was on the variable pot
10. Solder other end of jumper to pair of holes 4th from front next to REC AMP switch

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